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“I’m not one of the EV advocates that will snow you, and talk only about all the wonderful things about it.

I’m also going to tell you the negative things, and let you make an intelligent decision for yourself.” Hazen believes that some people will go forward—even after knowing about the extra costs and drawbacks—mostly motivated by a desire to be green, and for the sheer joy of driving a silent gas-free electric car that draws attention and admiration from friends and passers-by.

It’s going to be like that for quite a while.” Moore sees dramatic interest in conversions from all across the country.

His customer list includes people from Texas to New Jersey.

What if you don’t believe car companies’ press releases?

There’s an answer for those skeptics and impatient souls: An electric car conversion.

The cost of doing an electric car conversion (DC system) on your own, according to our three experts, is between ,000 and ,000—not including the donor car.

“Until the car companies can get the prices under control, people will want conversions.Cost is a major factor, according to Mike Moore, who runs South Carolina-based Ampmobile Conversions, with his wife Paula.The husband and wife team converts five or six vehicles per year for its customers.But what if you can’t wait two or three years for an EV?Or if you don’t have deep enough pockets for a Tesla?

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